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Sensor installation - Hard soil

How to install the Agurotech sensor in hard soil

Step 1

Clear the area where you would like to install the sensor and make sure the drill is clean.

Step 2

Drill gently into the ground, keeping the drill steady and vertical. Make the hole as narrow as possible. This ensures good contact between the sensor and the soil. Continue until the drill is all the way into the ground.

Step 3

Turn the drill off and clear the soil around it.

Step 4

Slowly pull the drill out of the hole in a straight line. Clean the drill and set it aside.

Step 5

Place a funnel in the hole and fill it with water until the water level is in the funnel.

Step 6

Remove the funnel and push the sensor as far as possible into the ground with your hands.

Step 7

Carefully step on the sensor to push it all the way into the ground.