Agurotech: optimize your
irrigation process
Apply the right amount of irrigation for your crop and soil
type and increase your yield and lower costs
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Discover the benefits of our solutions to improve your yield, cost base and planning processes.

Our Products


  • Moisture,electrical conductivity and temperature on multiple 2 and 4 depths (until 60cm)
  • Supports over 60 crops
  • Calibrated for every soil type
  • Rechargeable battery with 5 year lifespan
  • No maintenance required
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Weather station

  • Accurate local measurements of temperature, wind speed & direction and rainfall
  • In-field installations with mobile connectivity
  • Simple installation process
  • Seamless connection with sensor technology
  • All measurements available in one app
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Model-based irrigation solution

  • Optimal irrigation for your crop-& soil type using your farm data and local weather stations
  • Includes local weather data and predictions
  • Ability to connect sensor technology and weather stations
  • Supports over 60 crops
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Benefits of our solutions

Reliable, user friendly and practical.

Data you can rely on

Daily insights in the conditions of your fields by supplying you with precise and reliable measurements using mobile network connectivity.

Easy to use

Our products are robust and easy to install and use. No maintenance, no cables or loss of data.

Practical advice

Clear overview of your data in one single app providing you with real-time notifications when action is required (8 days into the future).

“I've been a farmer for over 60 years, but thanks to your products I am learning new things every day!"
“Your 8-days prediction allows me to improve my planning processes”
“Your products are extremely easy to use, strong and support me in decision making”

Make use of subsidies

Did you know that some countries, especially in the EU, provide subsidies to farmers to make their farms more sustainable? Possibilities may differ across countries but it could be worth looking into!

Our solutions can help in making farms more sustainable by saving water and decreasing use of resources such as fuel, pesticides and fertilizers and lowering carbon emissions.

Subsidies could be granted either on a country or regional level. Please contact your (local) government to learn more about which subsidies may be available to you.

Please contact us to learn more about how our products can help to improve your farm's processes.