On a mission to power data-driven farming and achieving maximum productivity results
while contributing to global sustainability goals
What we do
We develop actionable solutions to help agricultural and open horticultural farmers increase productivity and optimize water usage and nutrients based on data-driven insights.
It is time to stop wasting our natural resources and unlock and utilize our data to improve our decision making. Now it is possible to make fact-based decisions on where, when and how much of our resources to apply in order to realize maximum productivity gains. Our market leading technologies are based on Internet of Things applications and have LoRaWan connectivity.
Our solutions
Who we are
We are a group of scientists, engineers and business professionals set on a mission to develop best in class technologies for the agricultural sector. We believe that the agricultural industry has only reached the tip of the iceberg of what will ultimately be possible when it comes to smart farming. We aim to accelerate this digital transformation by delivering innovative solutions based on sound scientific basis. Backed by our heritage of fundamental physics and nobel prize winning technologies, powered by strong industry partnerships we have disrupted several industries with our market leading solutions. Now it is time for the disruption of the global farming industry.
Our team
How to connect
We are organizing several pilots in 2021 in which we introduce our technologies in research settings and at live farms.
We love to get in touch with farmers and industry players to hear more about the challenges you face and experiences you have. Check out our pilots and let us know if you want to participate. Also follow us on Social Media if you want to keep track of our progress. Leave a message if you want to collaborate or connect.
Our pilots