About us

We are a data-driven group of technology-enthusiastic individuals who are devoted to change the world of farming. Our team includes software developers, engineers and data scientists and our offices are based in the heart of Amsterdam. We have a passion for understanding the needs of the farming industry and we prioritize collaborating with farmers, universities, farming organizations and scientists.

Supporting our farmers

We are asking a lot from our farmers these days. Not only are they working day in and day out to provide the foods that we eat on a daily basis, but farmers are also confronted with tighter government regulations, higher demands from consumers regarding quality, animal welfare and hygiene, and with global sustainability policies.

The scope and complexity of farmers' daily work has rapidly changed within the past decades leaving less time for manual processes and less room for uncertainty and error. There is a need for solutions to help farmers automate their processes, optimize their yield and use of resources, while enabling them to contribute to a strong agriculture system and our future planet.

Empowering data-driven farming

The situation that our farmers are in may seem like an impossible one to solve, however the solution simply lies within their data. By unlocking fundamental farm data and using the latest scientific models and technology we can understand the needs of soils and crops, respond to them immediately and adapt to a changing future.

We believe data-driven farming is the future, and it is up to us as technology providers to demonstrate the value this brings to our farmers. We are convinced that the only way data-driven farming can take off is when it is simple and intuitive, action-driven and delivers a positive return for our customers. This is what our company stands for.

Our mission

We simply have one mission and that is to prepare our farmers for the future and to unburden them of dealing with uncertainty and complex decision making. This allows farmers to focus on what they love, namely producing a product that they are proud of, taking care of our nature and securing a heritage for future generations. We are Agurotech. Join us in future-proofing the global agricultural system.

We have set out a bold ambition to become the trusted provider of measurement technology for arable farming by 2025.

The most intuitive and easy to use data platform for farmers

Solutions leading to maximum productivity & profitability gains

Contributing to the health and people of our planet